Divorce papers are no joke and aren't to be taken lightly. As I said, everyone can continue to blow sunshine your way, but the reality is that she is emotionally divorced from you and doesn't care about you one bit.

You now have papers in hand. True, you're protected by law against having this done while you're deployed, but the reality is that this is your homecoming.

It is exactly what I got upon my return. She's just giving you the courtesy of letting you know it's coming instead of blindsiding you with it when you return fat, dumb, and happy.

WW'es are amonst the most evil and cruel people you've ever encountered. Mine had me believing she sent me a care package while I was in the AOR. I checked my mail daily. I stopped in after ever mission I was involved in to see if the package arrived. I ran a trace on the package at the start of the third week that it hadn't arrived. I called her and asked about it and she told me she sent it.

The truth? It was never sent. There was no package. It was some sort of sick game she was playing. You know how important mail from home is. You know how much it boosts morale.

I'm the lonely voice of reality on your thread.

It's time to get your legal ducks in order. Going into a divorce with "hope" is the biggest recipe for disaster for you that you can follow.

You could instead take advantage of her desire to end things and fashion an agreement favorable to you.

Your enemy has just fired a salvo your way. Sitting in your foxhole and hoping she stops firing isn't a plan.

The only thing that doesn't make your situation a 5 alarm fire is the fact that you don't have kids. But this is not a time to sit and think or hope.

Your first step to end the affair through exposure is a big step, but it's time to lawyer up and be prepared to greet her with a legal salvo of your own. Texas may have adultery laws that come into play in your situation. There may also have alienation of affection laws which will allow you to sue the OM.

But you need to start hunting for lawyers to talk to upon your return.