It's going to take more than ending the affair for her to go from WW to FWW. Committment to the marriage, acknowledgent of the betrayal, acceptance of accountability, and adoption of MB prinicples are required before that F can be earned.

A FWW acknowedges how nasty and shortsighted they were during that time period. They worked hard and earned the F in front of WW. They have also been the best sources of advice here for a BH looking for guidance.

I stand by my statement about waywards. There's a big difference between them and someone seeking to save their marriage.

The Titanic has struck an iceburg (divorce papers are filed) and everyone is focused on rearranging the furninture. Time to get to the lifeboats and make a plan to survive (consult a lawyer). The hole might be patched up and the ship may not sink, but it's time to plan for the worst and hope for the best.