There's good advice coming from a lot of directions, but I completely agree with HTLD. Why on earth does he need to be "reported" for saying WW's are evil and selfish?

They are! So are WHs, but Dr. Harley himself has acknowledged that WWs are far more difficult to recover. They are a different breed than WHs.

And a "good" husband (like I tried to be), who is confused about caring for, listening to, and respecting the wife he used to have, runs the extreme risk of getting hit by a legal freight train.

MelodyLane could explain this a lot better than I could...

But I don't see why he is being reported. He's right, and Gerkaguards would be wise to listen to him at this point.

Good luck, GG. Keep doing the right thing so you can keep your head held high. She is going to self-destruct if she continues down this path.

IMHO, you should divorce, and fight back (fairly) to get a good deal. Don't let her walk away with more than she deserves.

You would be AMAZED at how many WONDERFUL women there are out there who would love and support you, and make you their world. Doesn't that sound nice? Guess what? That's the kind of woman you deserve! And there are PLENTY of them out there.

You have no children. You are young and have a long life ahead of you. Do you want to do the hard work of rebuilding and restoring trust / marriage with a wife who could do this to you again?

I was in your shoes, and I severed. It hurt like heck at the time, but I had to do it to preserve my self-respect. Guess what? After I healed, I met someone else... Now I have the most loving, caring, respectful, HONEST woman in my life. That, my friend, is what you deserve too.

Formerly ConfuzedHusband
WW (Now XW)
Married 4 years, No children.
EA/PA from 2/2008 to 5/2008.
DDay: 5/17/2008 - Separated 6/1/2008 - Filed 8/3/2008
Divorce final 3/2009.

Now in a committed relationship with a woman of character who loves me so much better and deeper than I ever dreamed possible. I had no idea what I was missing out on and am so grateful God gave me a free "second chance" at love and life.