I seriously doubt my wife will ever overcome her stubbornness and pride and be able to say, "Yeah, I did all of these terrible things, they were wrong, and I'm sorry." I think it's much more her style to simply run away.

Hey Gurka,

If your W were to make her decision today, I agree 100% with your statement. However, give the investigation(s) time to work and the A to end... THEN re-evaluate.

The MB plan doesn't recommend that the BS continue taking the WS's abuse indefinitely. You're still at the first step.

Exposure will most definitely end the A... and unless the OM completely dumps his family, he will most likely never want to speak with your W again.

Once the investigation(s) are over and punishment is delt out, this will be your window of opportunity to really Plan-A your W. Hopefully, you can both be together while doing this.

It will take some time for your W to "get over" the OM, but eventually, with NC, she will.

At some point, you will have to decide whether or not you are willing to continue with your Plan-A, or move on to Plan-B. By executing a good Plan-A, you will leave your W with "good" memories of you, and hopefully, at some point, she will realize what she's missing.

For now, try to stay focused on your mission, and try not to "what if" the future... I know it's hard, but as the others have said, it will just drive you bonkers!

Hopefully the roads will clear tomorrow and you can go see the JAG...

Semper Fi,