RIF, the investigating officer wanted the name of the LT that contacted OMW. He then contacted HIM for a sworn statement. Weird huh?

Hey Gurka!

Nope, it's not weird at all!! In fact, it tells me that the investigating officer is doing a VERY thorough job with the investigation and not just "asking a few questions".

An investigating officer is given the basic facts of the case and guidance from the Cdr as to what violations of the UCMJ the suspected service member has violated.

As the investigation progresses, the investigating officer is charged with following up on ALL leads that are pertinent to the case.

I wouldn't be surprised if the investigating officer even questions the OM's wife. She has the same rights, and can refuse, but you never know...

Like we've been saying, you're in a very good place... sit back and relax and wait for the next volly from your W. I suspect that it will come pretty soon after she is questioned by HER investigating officer! wink

Semper Fi,