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One of my wife's friends started chatting with me online earlier. Saying how my wife was doing the wrong thing by having an affair with a married father of 3, and refusing to stop it was so terrible. Now I haven't even talked to her about any of this, so she must have heard it all from my wife, so I was kind of excited that someone that heard from her was seeing things somewhat objectively. Until she started with "you've always been too good for her anyway", "you've always been a great guy," and "we should get some dinner or something when you get back."

Struck me as hugely inappropriate. I didn't even know how to respond. And it cast doubt on everything she'd said up to that point. And I was so hopeful that one of her friends had actually seen the light. Sigh.

Well at least if you do wind up getting divorced you know which friend of hers you can sleep with to get back at her. (I know, bad joke.) stickout

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