Just thought of somthing else that might have prompted the chat...

Your W may have asked this "friend" to chat you up in order to get you focused on "life after Mrs. Gurka"... you know, if this friend is single, maybe Mrs. Gurka was just "looking out for you" and told her "friend" that you would soon be "available"... and for her to try and cheer you up.

Or she could be trying to trap you into getting "romantic" with this friend in order for her to use that as a defense for her own investigation.

"See CPT Investigator, My Husband LT Gurka, is cheating on me too.... he started it first and he accused me so he wouldn't get in trouble"

Regardless, I'd be careful around this "friend". Stay focused on your goal of exposing the A and ending the A. You know that the investigations are on-going, so it's just a matter of time before the hammer drops on OM and your W... then the REAL venom and nastyness will come out.

Check out the thread that's going on now about what WS have said during the A and right after exposure.... I can almost bet that Mrs. Gurka will say some of the EXACT things to you once the investigation is over and she loses the OM and her Army career...

Good night and get some rest!

Semper Fi,