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And I think your W is starting to respond. It may not be as hopeless as it feels right now.

This morning we were watching tv and someone said the words "buns" in relation to hot dogs and I said "you know there is only one set of buns I am interested in". She said "yes, I know" and HELD OUT HER HAND FOR ME TO HOLD. Amazing. Instead of chastising me for obsessing about her body, she reached out to me after I complimented her butt!!!!!

I told her to hold that thought until after I get home from work.

Beware that you haven't gotten so attached to your resentment that you cling to it.

I worry about that all the time. I love my resentment. Resentment is my constant companion. She never rejects me. It will be hard to give her up.

But if Mrs. Hold reaches out to me, I must.

When you can see it coming, duck!