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This morning we were watching tv and someone said the words "buns" in relation to hot dogs and I said "you know there is only one set of buns I am interested in". She said "yes, I know" and HELD OUT HER HAND FOR ME TO HOLD. Amazing. Instead of chastising me for obsessing about her body, she reached out to me after I complimented her butt!!!!!


Beware that you haven't gotten so attached to your resentment that you cling to it.

I worry about that all the time. I love my resentment. Resentment is my constant companion. She never rejects me. It will be hard to give her up.

I totally understand. If I don't watch out, I can still fall back into resentment. It feels ... good, in a strange (unhealthy) way... like scratching a mosquito bite until it bleeds and hurts? Well, an imperfect analogy.

Anyway, kudos to you for still being enough "in the game" to be able to say the following:

But if Mrs. Hold reaches out to me, I must.

I'm very happy for you, that there seems to be such progress!

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