UGH!!! Hold!! After about a year away from this board I come back to see you in the same spot even the same thread. You only get one chance to live your life there are no do overs. Do you want to spend your one chance of life being so pesimistic that you were unable to enjoy all of the blessings you have been given? (knocking Hold aside his head lol) You have 2 beautiful children who are growing up really fast and you have spent the majority of their childhood feeling sorry for yourself. Not that you are not a good father however your negativity must show to them also. You may not have the perfect wife. Yes she has made mistakes but she has also stood by you. You have a education something many people would die for the chance to get. You live in a nice home, can pay your bills, everyone is healthy in your family. What more do you want?? More sex??? When you get more sex then you over analyze that also. Yes Hold you have been to therapy but you don't stay and do what the therapist want you to. You want it to be a quick magic pill that will take all of your problems away. There is nothing like that. You have to relearn how to be happy. I just wish you could see the good things you have in life and quit wishing for the impossible.

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