Back in the day I received a broad range of advice. Some that I should fight for my marriage, some that I should divorce quickly , and some even that I should do some very illegal things indeed !

Fact is the main reason I chose to fight for my marriage was NOBILITY. I wanted to add dignity to the world of dirty mess that adultery had made my family's life into.

If my marriage was to end, it would not be for the want of effort from me. Mostly if my marriage WAS to end I would not lose my wife to the low dog that was OM in my situation.

My toolbag STILL included every option, including divorce , but I chose to do all I could to recover my marriage.

My Squid and daughter just arrived in the front door from the spinning class they attended. Laughing. Squid popped in and kissed me on the cheek before taking a shower.

She is restored as a great mother. The kids are blessed to have her. She is highly repentant and ashamed of her past behaviour. She loves me. She is a good wife, and learning to be a better one.

While such a marriage is a hope for Gurka, or any BS facing the horror of adultery I will not slate them for not choosing divorce, and I will do all I can to help them.

If they are not successful in restoring their marriage they will at least be ennobled by and made proud of their efforts " Earning your way out" some of we old timers call that.

Gurka wants to fight for his marriage under hard circumstances. Let those of us who do not want to aid him in that, remain quiet. Let those of us who wish to support him do so.

I have seen some horrendous situations yield a successful recovery. Why deny Gurka that potential ?

MB Alumni