A facinating word. It has become an anethema and yet...

It is precisely what I aspire to do on this site. It is what I would be and am proud to say I have done in my life.

If I can enable someone to have the strength to do what they feel they need to do to preserve their marriage or attempt to preserve it, then I have done something I am proud of.

If I can enable someone to achieve something they did not think they could, then I am proud.

If I can enable someone to acheive what they know they can do, but just need a bit if help, then I am proud.

If I can enable someone to see or learn something they did not know, then I am proud.

So for you folks who think that RIF, myself and others on this thread are enabling Gerka to stand up and do what he thinks is right, I will admit guilt...proudly.

This whole site is about enabling people to learn, evaluate, attempt to address, improve, and deal with the problems that befall marriages and relationships.

Failure is always a possiblity, but without effort failure is guaranted. Gerka is going to succeed with or not his marriage fails because he is going to learn many things he would not learn if he just signed the papers and walked off.

I do think Gerka needs to be enabled.