Ok! Just remember that Marriage Builders is not "save every marriage at all costs". Even Dr. Harley recommends divorce typically with WW + short marriage + no kids + serial adultery situations. He has said himself that he would divorce his wife were there infidelity in his marriage.

So don't make the mistake of saying "this is a Marriage BUILDERS" site in order to imply that recommendations to divorce are not allowed.

To see where I'm coming from, if you're interested, read my thread.

I was counseled by some very wise posters to strongly consider divorce. At first I was horrified. Then I realized they were speaking from experience. Praise God I listened to them instead of myself.

Anyway, as much as it's not my thread... guess what....

It's not YOUR thread either!

It's about what's best for Gerka. I am giving him the advice I think is best, just as you all are.

None of us are Dr. Harley, so for "OFFICIAL" MB advice, Gerka knows he can contact the Harleys themselves. This forum is for our opinions to help others.

So is my advice right? We'll see. Just trying to save him some pain and make sure he's taking care of himself.

So, unless I hear from Gerka that he doesn't want to hear my opinion, I'm going to continue to give it. I suppose I have the same right to post and give my two cents within the framework of MB principles as anyone else.

Gerka, I'm rooting for you, my friend.

Formerly ConfuzedHusband
WW (Now XW)
Married 4 years, No children.
EA/PA from 2/2008 to 5/2008.
DDay: 5/17/2008 - Separated 6/1/2008 - Filed 8/3/2008
Divorce final 3/2009.

Now in a committed relationship with a woman of character who loves me so much better and deeper than I ever dreamed possible. I had no idea what I was missing out on and am so grateful God gave me a free "second chance" at love and life.