I'm curious as to why Lexxy said the email would be an irritation, not a LB deposit

Hey Gurka - I suspect that Lexxy means that right now, ANY communications from you will be an irritation.

You're the one that's ending her A. In your W's mind, if you would have just left things alone, "everything" would be fine, and she and OM wouldn't be under investigation.

Your W might not appreciate the fact that you are letting your hair grow out "like she likes it" now, but hopefully, after she's been in NC with the OM, she will remember all of the things that you've done for her... even when she was deep in her A.

Love is a verb. You can say "I love you" all day long... Right now, she's not going to hear you words, but even if she does't admit it, she IS noticing your actions!

Semper Fi,