RIF is right. Separation makes plan A difficult but not impossible.

Putting it simply plan A is to convince your WWs peripherl heart's vision that:

* you have wonderful, lovable traits
* you are so prepared to improve yourself as a husband for her you have already begun stowing lovebusters and meeting ENs
* you are not expecting her to eat a doot sandwich every day or her whole life as long as she repents and reinvests in your marriage.

This is for two main reasons:

1) Actions speak louder than words in showing your WW your best side
2) If plan A alone does not lead to a reconciliation between you it will ensure you leave the best possible vision of yourself with her before you go Plan B. This is what eats at wayward hearts and causes them to end their affairs over time.

Affection and conversation can be met long distance reasonably well. there is hope here if you plan.

all blessings

MB Alumni