But I love my wife. I value her and our relationship. I've made a lot of promises that I intend to keep. "For better or worse" doesn't just go out the window when "worse" comes along. I'll fight until I can't fight anymore, and hope that she comes around. It won't be fast and it won't be easy, and it'll hurt more than a little. But that's usually how doing the right thing goes, in my experience.
Your maturity continues to amaze me.
Your WW is one lucky person to have you as a husband, Gurka.

I like this last email too, and agree with the changes.
As long as she is disengaged, stick with the facts of the past (good memories), the present (holding to your M vows), and avoid talk of future activities right now.

This might be a good time to make a list of happy experiences that the two of you shared, ones that you can use in future emails. Little tid bits here and there, you know.

I'm still wondering about this spousal support thing you guys.
Is there anything that you can do Gurka to protect yourself from this happening?
While the goal here is to restore the M, there is also the goal of protecting the BS along the way from the repercussions of the unknown.

Gurka, I don't know what Netflix is and how it's a slap in the face??? Sorry.

M'd 22 years
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