sorry for the TJ gerka smile

Hey BobP - I've got to ask... what isa "doot" sandwich??? Is that like a Marmite or Vegimite sandwich???

and WHATS wrong with a Vegemite Sammy RIF ??? toe tap
TJ over laugh

Gerka Bob & RIF along with others are giving you great advice. You know that I was FWW with (still) professional soldier husband, son and SIL. There is nothing you can say or do to fix your WW ... that is entirely her job... be assured I know that is a fact. YOU need never doubt that.

YOU are doing all that you can and doing it as well as I have ever seen... even if it hurts like crazy ... and THAT dear Mr G takes courage of an entirely different kind.

take care...

Life may feel as if you are constantly getting kicked on a daily basis, living is about picking yourself up each day and going on and on and on regardless.