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Hope the candlelight line wasn't too much. Not that I expect any response at all. We're 14 days past exposure today.

In the big picture it doesn't really affect anything, but sappy lines are more likely to have your WW see through your attempt to meet her need for conversation, so she'll just shut you down. She's got a wall up right now, and any blatant attempt to meet her needs will be met with resistance. You basically need to "trick" her into allowing you to meet her need for conversation so she lets her guard down and is receptive. You know what I mean? It's like trying to pick up a girl at a bar. Would you have success walking up to a girl and telling her, "Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!" Or would your chances be better if you had a wingman you pretended not to know walk in with a cheesy line while you were standing next to her, and then when he got rejected, you say something to her about how bad a line that was, thus starting some small talk between the two of you (trust me, that worked last month for a friend of mine)? It's all about playing the game of cat and mouse. Don't play harder, play smarter.


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