I would probably suggest going home. Sure, you may be able to get divorced quicker, but you'd also be able to plan A better from the same continent. Your WW is either going to divorce you or she's not going to divorce you, postinging things by staying in that God forsaken land is not going to benefit you any. Besides, the worst time after exposure and withdrawal is the first two weeks. You've already missed that. If you can come home in 10 days, I would tell her you are coming home, you are going to Fort Huachuca (sp?), and it's up to her as to whether or not she wants to see you, but you'll be there. It's the first thing you are doing when you get home. I know it would suck to go to the middle of nowhere and have her not see you, but you've got to put yourself out there if you want to reengage her.


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