I caught a couple thousand volts off a server rack today, for example. But I don't want to tell WW dangerous\scary stories that would make her worry.

It's interesting that you think your W is capable of taking your money while calling you an idiot but would STILL worry about your safety.

I don't think a woman like that exists. A woman who would take your money, while calling you an idiot, might not want anything bad to happen to you. But, WORRY about you? I don't think so. And the reverse is true as well. A woman who would worry about you would not take your money while calling you an idiot.

IMO, a little worry would DO her good....not to mention your M.

I say tell her what happened to you today. If your story stirs up some feelings for you that she hasn't felt for a while, That's a good thing.

Your email sounds good though...including the changes that were mentioned.