Interesting e-mail.

- She is still contacting you even though she said that she wouldn't.
- She acknowledges taking the money because she needs it (even though she blames you for needing it).
- She says that this isn't a "test".
- She says that you were 'unsucessful' in accusing her of a crime.
- She says that you've "killed any chance" to work things out (hmmm... I don't ever remember her saying that she was giving you a chance to work things out...)
- She says to stop sending her "chatty" e-mails.
- She says this is war.
- She she doesn't want to be your friend.

All in all, it's pretty much what I would expect from a WW that is going through withdrawals from the OM. She obviously has been thinking about your actions, as evidenced by how specific she was with her "demands".

I think that she's conflicted on all counts and listing these actions to you in an e-mail help her clarify her "position" in all of this. She may actually believe this, and in the end, this may be the direction she chooses, but for now, I think that you are right on target with e-mailing her every so often and continuing to put th money in her account.

Semper Fi,