Hi Jen! ***Waving***

Gurka - Given the fact that you'll be over there for a month or so more, I'd use this time to try and Plan-A her. I wouldn't go dark just yet.

Now, when you get ready to re-deploy, you can make an assessment on where your W is at that time, then it will be pretty easy for you to go dark when you return to Ft. Polk.

Give her some more time to "de-fog" and see if there is any fallout from the investigation. Regardless of her claim that you were 'unsuccessful' in accusing her of a crime, your goal was to end the A. You were VERY sucessful in that!

Ending the A was the goal of exposing. It worked. The investigation was a result of your exposure. The intent was not to get your W kicked out of the Army. So, don't worry about any claims of "you weren't sucessful".

The fact that she keeps replying to your "chatty" e-mails shows that she's still thinking about you. Oh sure, she probably hates your guts for ending all of her "fun", but eventually she will get over that.

Semper Fi,