Hey Gurka,

Your e-mail looked fine.

I wouldn't respond to any of her statements... You know that they're not true, so why even bother to try and "educate" her? I believe that would just make her even madder if you attempted to respond.

Look at it as if you're dealing with a small child that says your a meanie because you took away thier special toy for misbehaving... You know that you are doing the right thing, but the child is only focused on not being able to play with her toy.

Eventually, the child will get over the loss as life moves forward. They will soon find that it's much harder to "stay mad" at you and other things will take on more importance.

You are doing a super job with remaining detached, yet still engaged. I'm affraid that if you start trying to answer her e-mails that you'll just end up getting very frustrated, and it will actually help keep your W in her "entitlement" mode.

Semper Fi,