Hey Gurka - I was about to sign off and head to bed when I saw your post...

No, it's not silly at all. Your longings to connect with your W and tell her that you love her are completey normal.

For now, even if you told her these things, she would most likely return your words of affection and love with hate and anger. Remember, she's still withdrawing from the OM and is still very conflicted on what she really wants.

At some point in time, your wife WILL know just how much you love her! But for now, you can take comfort in the fact that you are doing the right things for your wife and for your marriage.

I know that you are probably second guessing your actions and thinking that things aren't working... Remember what I said about "What If" thoughts and questions... Your mind will almost ALWAYS think of the worst situation. When this happens, try to think of the positive facts of your situation... I won't list them again, but you know what they are.

Don't waiver from your battle plan. You're doing a super job and your W has followed the WS script almost to the letter so far! Her actions and words aren't much different than I've seen from other WW's right after exposure, so don't let your mind wander and start thinking that things "aren't going well".

Try and get some sleep and we'll chat again tomorrow!

Semper Fi,