During my Plan A, when fog babble spewed from my WH's mouth, I did remind him of my views of M.

WH "We just talked"
V "I don't believe in a third party in M"

WH "Everyone didn't have to know V"
V "I will do whatever I have to, to save this M"

And to avoid getting into a pee contest, you change the subject immediately.
In my case I could say something off topic after my response and leave the room if I
had to, if he wanted to continue spewing garbage.

I liked the part of your email earlier about a husband sending his wife flowers.
I like the fact that she is being reminded that you are her Husband and she is still your Wife.
I love what Kiwi's BH said to her.

I can't get a sense of where your WW is right now in her thinking, not enough experience with that. I hope at some point that you can include the words H and W in your emails.

M'd 22 years
D-Day 08/08 LTA