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It bothers me how casual she seems about getting a divorce. Like it's just the natural thing to do. At one point she said, "We agreed that if ever there was a point where the bad times outweighed the good, we'd get a divorce." What?! We never agreed to that! I remember sitting on the patio discussing getting married, saying how it was for real and forever, that we'd work through all the hard parts.

Hi Gerk,

It's the wayward mentality...or a "renter" mentality.

Renters are people who view a relationship as tentative and are only willing to provide care as long as terms are fair or until they find something better.

A buyer, is someone who regards a relationship as he or she does a homepermanent and exclusive.

Dr. Harley wrote a book about the differences between renters and buyers. It includes ideas on how to transform renters into fully committed buyers. Good book.

BTW: Which Dr. Harley books have you read?