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WW emailed me this morning:
So I guess u cancelled the computer for (sister's wedding) without letting anyone know huh?

My reply:
No, Fry's cancelled it because it was out of stock, so I reordered a new one. Then they wanted me to call them back because I was having it shipped someplace other than the billing address. So I did, and they said everything was good to go, but then they cancelled that one too. So I ordered one from Best Buy, and it should be to your parents house sometime this week. I thought that would be ok since they'll be driving out to the wedding a few days beforehand. Here's the tracking number, it should be there on the 13th. Have a good night. smile

Did I do good?

Boy, she's really grasping at straws now to try and make you the bad guy.

The email was good, but I just wanted to give a couple of critiques for next time.

You first start out the email in a terse and defensive tone by just saying "No." It sounds like you are snapping back at her for asking you this. I would have started it off with something less confrontational like, "It's funny you ask about that because..." Then after you described the process, I would have said, "I'm sorry not to keep you up with what was going on." It just gives the email a slightly softer tone instead of one that could be construed by her as, "Wrong. How dare you ask me that." But I did like how you ended it. Again, I'm nitpicking the difference between an A and an A-. You did good. I just want to make sure you know how to do the best going forward.


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