Nice e-mail Gurka!

Sounds pretty upbeat and "chatty" with no hint of relationship talk...

Of course you'll probably get an e-mail asking you to stop sending her e-mails about your "day", and how she "never" wants to talk with you again... but that's to be expected.

I think this e-mail will continue to put her in conflict as even if she says that she doesn't care about you, deep down inside, she obviously still has some feelings for you or else she woulndn't keep replying to your e-mails and asking you to "stop".

The longer she's "away" from the OM and not getting her needs met by him, the more conflicted she will be. Eventually, she will reach a tipping point and she will have to decide what she wants to do. Hopefully, your excellent Plan-A will show her that the best alternative is to try and work on the M with you! cool

Semper Fi,