Had a nice weekend. No sex but Mrs. Hold was pleasant. During a party Saturday night mostly for kids the DJ said "they just opened the ice cream table, so the kids are busy. This next song is a slow dance for the couples in love." I immediately put down my ice cream (yes, I was 3rd in line ahead of all the kids) and danced with Mrs. Hold. At the end of the song, the DJ said "and now here is another slow dance. I want all the married couples out here on the dance floor." We stayed out there.

We were curious if the DJ had done it in reverse order (married dance followed by in love dance), would any of the couples have left the dance floor? Or at least how many sets of wierd looks between married couples asking each other "do we stay out here for this"?

Oh, and kudos to Mrs. Hold for reaching her goal weight at Weight Watchers. She is down 56 pounds from when she started the contest in January 2009. It is amazing. Even with the party Saturday night and Mother's Day brunch she lost a pound this past week.

When you can see it coming, duck!