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I'm worried about calling and getting more, "Stop emailing me" "stop calling me" "you ruined any chance of us reconciling, leave me alone." That stuff is tough to respond to in real time.

If she hangs up after saying those things (Which she probably will.) Then you don't have to worry about responding to them.

If, OTOH, she pauses after she says them, then I'd respond something like this..."Yes, I know you are very angry at me, right now." [Be sure to add the "right now" to almost everything. It will remind you both that she feels this way, right now, but might not in the future.] And then wait for her to unleash some more on you. If there is another pause, say something like this to her.." Yes, I know you want to end our M, right now." And wait for more unleashing...keep this pattern going for as long as you are able to.

Your goal is NOT to change her mind about anything she is thinking... Absolutely NO relationship talk on your end.

What you are trying to do is let the steam out of your W, so there will be room in her heart for love deposits from you in the future.

When she is lashing out at you, you may think, "Oh, no, this is really going terribly." But, as long as she is talking to you it is a win. Try to remember this.

The conversation isn't about meeting any of your needs. It is entirely about meeting hers. If she stays on the phone w/ you, it will be b/c she needs AND WANTS to get rid of her anger at you.

I definitely agree w/ Jim, you should establish a pattern of calling her.