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You baited her into it, Hold, with your fishing (ha!) for a compliment ("Like anyone you know?").

You blew a fantastic chance for a great intellectual conversation on the merits that should be considered when selecting nominees for Supreme Court--and increased intimacy with your W--by showing YET AGAIN that you're only after an ego-stroking.

That gets old, Hold.

You are right. I was fishing for a compliment. I should be content within myself, and not need compliments. Or ego stroking. Really, that is the primary reason I seek sex. For the ego stroking that arises when she consents. I could take or leave the sex. It is the ego stroking I seek. Not that I get any. But I keep insanely hoping that some day I might. Stupid to keep trying.

I am confident Mrs. Hold sees me the way you see me. And I have no intention of changing. I should get back to the video games and stop trying to interact with Mrs. Hold. No woman wants to be married to, much less have sex with, someone so needy and immature.

When you can see it coming, duck!