She just replied to my last email:
The really sad part about your inability to accept that this is over is that it didn't have to be. We could have worked this out with alot of hard work and effort. It sucks that you made the decision for both of us to irrevocably end this.

Hey Gurka! I agree with the others... this is a VERY positive reply!!!

Keep up with your plan-A, it's working!

I wouldn't reply for a day or so... keep things low-key with her. The conflict is really starting to show now. She's still playing the blame game with you but this is expected. Like the others said, the longer she's in NC with the OM, the more room she'll have in her heart for you to make deposits...

You're doing great Gurka! Don't get discourage when you get e-mails like this... you're going to get more, but those of us that aren't as emotionally invested in this, see this latest e-mail as a big step forward!

Semper Fi,