Hey Gurka,

I spent a year at BAF in 04-05, and it only got above 100 for a couple of days. I was in Kabul for my second tour in 07-08 and we had the same weather... Kabul is nice as long as someone isn't trying to blow you up!

It's already up to 105 here...

I'd try and keep the 'relationship' talks out of your e-mail for now... It's so easy to miss-read an e-mail and anything you write will most likely be taken as an argument.

I do agree that if you do decide to call her, that you should be very firm with your stance of working to save your marriage. You might even want to think about some "questions" that your W might ask you, then let some of us here help you with good "reverse babble" answers... that way, when she throws something at you on the phone, you'll be prepared.

Have you given any thought to some of the questions or statements that she might throw at you if you get her on the phone? You might want to jot some of them down and start thinking about how you'd answer them... that way, when you do call, you won't be caught off guard when you hear them over the phone.

Semper Fi,