Hey Gurk.

I rarely post on MB or anywhere else but, I have been following your thread from the beginning. You are getting great support from RIF, Jim, Marshmallow and others and I can�t improve on what they have to say.

Just wanted to give you a word of support.

The nonsense your WW spewed at you on the phone call today is all part of the WW playbook. You�re acting crazy. You are scaring me. You will destroy my things, You will try to hurt/kill me.

It�s all for public consumption. So she doesn�t look like the bad guy for D�ing you. She is trying to build a case against you, at least in her mind. To build you up to be a raving lunatic so she is justified in her actions to D you.

She takes no responsibility for her previous actions of having an A, and then telling you that she wants a D, that your M is over. She was totally justified in that course of action since you are such a Crazy person.

To those of us who have been through this and have seen it countless times over the years on MB etc. it is all to be expected. For some reason the WS has to make the BS out to be the bad guy or they have no justification for their behavior.

You must continue in your current course of action and be steady, calm and resolved to fight for your M. You are the only one who is going to at this point in time. Show her that you are the same great guy she married and getting better. It�s all strategy and tactics at this point and following the plan you have mapped out.

You handled this Action extremely well while under fire!!!!!


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