Hey Gurka!

Hopefully the DVD's will arrive in time for her birthday...

You did great with your phone call!!! It sounds like the investigation is over and as I suspected, she most likely got off with a letter of reprimand... Remember, unless there is an admission by the accused, or pictures documenting "the act", Adultery is very hard to prove.

I agree with V and the others, she's just lashing out at you because in her mind, she has to continue to make you out to be the bad guy in order for her to justfy her past actions, and her current actions to divorce you. It certainly appears that she is very conflicted because she keeps asking you "why are you doing this?" (fighting for the marriage)... I take this as a good sign that she's slowly coming out from the pull of the OM.

As for her "I'm scared of you..." comments, she's justifying her actions again. I know that you know this, but you need to be very careful with what you say and write to her... stay consistent with what you've been saying and you won' have any problems... However, if you loose your temper (and I wouldn't blame you one bit if you did!) expect her to use this against you... That is another reason that I think that its good that you are away from her right now.

Semper Fi,


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