I wonder if she'd be in a better position if you had signed the D papers? W/ the investigation/outcome?

Seems odd that she'd call you so urgently...so many times, and push the issue of you signing those papers if she didn't think there was an urgent need for you to.

Gerk, Good job w/ the phone call.

Her comments about being scared of you is about how "unpredictable" you've become to her since you exposed her A. Up until THAT moment, she didn't think you had the guts to do it. She didn't think you were half the man you are! And yeah, it scares her. But, not in the melodramatic way she suggested, (Are you going to kill me, BS). Just in the sense that she never expected you to expose the A. In her head, she's still in HS, where if a girl meets a guy she likes better than her current BF, he's supposed to just accept it and back away gracefully.

No matter what happens in your M, Gerk, I want you to be assured that you did the RIGHT thing by exposure. There are moments that call for a man to use his strength...find his power, and affairs are one of them.

Your W has to accept the fact that she married a man who isn't afraid to be who he is or fight for the things that are important to him. Evidently, she did not know that about you.

If she pulls her head out of her butt, she'll realize how attractive those qualities are.

Give her time.