Last night Mrs. Hold was complaining about how I am dealing with a problem at work. She thinks I am not being sufficiently forceful and proactive. I thanked her for sharing her feelings. After she went on a while, I told her that I was uncomfortable continuing the conversation. That I heard her but I was not going to implement her suggestions. I used the line from the song Jayne forwarded yesterday: "I is what I is and I aint what I aint. I am not the most forceful and aggressive person. I understand that quality holds me back at work. And it makes me less sexually desirable in your eyes. There is a limit on how much I can change myself, and I will have to learn to function in relation to those weaknesses." She agreed that she does not find that characteristic attractive.

I know, more "I can't / won't change" thinking. Which is why my marriage never improves.

I left the room and played video games until way too late. This morning Mrs. Hold woke me up to get ready for work. She apologized for criticizing me so harshly. She said "no one is perfect". I laughed and said "not even you?" She said "not even me".

When you can see it coming, duck!