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I think if she were still in contact w/ OM, she would have said something snide about Gerk's last contact w/ OMW. She wouldn't have missed the opportunity to get a dig in about that.

I don't think she knows a thing about it, b/c she hasn't talked to OM.

But she WANTS too.

And she knows she can't, because she keeps getting busted. The investigation may have had a result. She may have gotten a letter of reprimand, or a case closed. Its unfortunate that you can't get a copy of it, as you are the victim here. Or, she may be making a reach, since she has been spoken too, and the investigation has moved on, that she isn't in trouble, because they haven't blasted her yet. Those are the dreams of the delusional.

She wanted the D waiver, or something from you indicating that you are OK with the divorce. So she could hand that to the investigators: "See, its over anyway, it not an affair, its "Just Friends" and the M has been over for a long time"

And she isn't getting that from you.

Great job on the phone. You let all the air out of her anger. How it was all your fault. Kinda hard for her to support that after that conversation.

Save all your emails, and get the DVR to record the convos in the future.

Send another email to OMW. I know she said not too. But just let her know that you are doing your best to reconcile your marriage, and remove WW from thiers.