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She said she just wanted to know "how much crazy you're going to put me through." I asked what she meant, she said, "are you going to sign the waiver or not?"![/ I responded with "I'm not interested in a divorce, I'm interested in saving our marriage." She raised her voice, and it warbled and she said "You've threatened every part of my life, our marriage is over. And my lawyer is telling me to sue you for false accusations against an officer I don't want to, but if you keep making this hard I think I will" I said, ![/

That sounds an awful lot like a threat..a silly one, but a threat nontheless.

That if you don't sign the waiver, she will do as her lawyer suggested.

Aside from the fact that the accusations are true, she's alleging that no damage has been done to her. There's no grounds for a law suit.