Got this email from her overnight:
I'm going to need my stuff and I want to see how we are going to arrange that. I have this feeling that you will destroy it all when you get back--since you are being completely unreasonable at this point. For that reason I do not want to wait till I PCS to retrieve it. We need to be able to talk about the details of this stuff.

I don't see how you think you are going to stay married to me without ever talking to me, but clearly none of this is working. There are things that I need to try to work out before I class up and my own personal safety to ensure. I highly suggest that you contact me soon and be prepared to have a civil and reasonable conversation with me. I am at the point of writing your chain of command concerning the threats that you have made toward me and the instability overall that you are demonstrating. If we don't have a productive conversation soon I will be doing that next.