My draft response:

I don't see how it's possible for you to take things from my house before I return to the states. Your actions so far haven't shown you to be trustworthy enough to allow unaccompanied in my home. Your things aren't in any danger from me. I haven't engaged in any petty actions to hurt you, and I certainly wouldn't destroy your things. Everything I've done has been in the interest of giving our marriage a chance to survive, not to hurt you or inconvenience you.

I've been talking to you, emailing you a couple times every week, trying to see how you're doing and letting you know I'm ok.

I've never made any physical threats against you, and never would. You know that, I know that, and my chain of command knows that. If you'd like to dig yourself in deeper with them, here are their email addresses: (insert email addresses)

I'm not willing to discuss the details of a separation. I'm willing to discuss the issues we need to in order to rebuild our marriage. I still value our marriage, and I value you, and I intend to honor my commitment to you and our marriage as best I'm able.