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It's a good thing I checked back in this thread because I just about went off. Here's what I almost sent:

You need to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. You put yourself in the position that you are in with your choices and your actions. If you had been honest from the outset, none of this would have happened. Instead you chose to lie to me, attempting to avoid the consequences of your actions. You intended to continue lying to me for as long as possible. You only admitted to what was going on when you were afraid of getting caught. Then you went on to lie to the Army about your actions to attempt to avoid the consequences of your actions. Are you in any way proud of how you've handled yourself for the past 6 months? Do you think you've done the right thing at any point? Do you care at all about the many innocent people you've dragged down with your behavior, or do you only care about yourself, and your "career?" Do you think it's acceptable for an officer in the US Army to lie about their actions to avoid the consequences? Do you think it's acceptable for anyone to do?

Because I know that I've done the right thing. I've been honest, and loyal, and I've tried my best to honor my commitment to you in the face of an overwhelming situation. I did my absolute best to shield you from the consequences of your actions until the point where you forced me to expose your affair by choosing your affair over our marriage. And I meant it when I said I'd live in a burlap sack out in the woods as long as I could live with you. I could care less about the Army, or what anyone thinks, or anything else; it's about me and you. I'm committed to this marriage, and to you. I'll continue to be the best husband I can be, and that doesn't mean abandoning you or our marriage just because things are rough. Sometimes things are rough, that's why the vows say "for better or worse." But in order for you to make any progress towards rebuilding our marriage, or even being someone that you can look at in the mirror, you have to take ownership of your actions. Realize that you messed up, that innocent people were hurt in the process, and do what you can to make that better. It's not just what a good Army officer would do, or what a good human being would do, it's what you, (WW) would do.

I'll continue to love and support you, and I realize that you're having a hard time with everything going on. I'll call you tomorrow at 2130. If you don't want to talk to me, that's your prerogative, but never think that I don't care, or I'm not trying as hard as I can to be a good husband.

It's great to get that out of your system and here is the place to do it. Personally I love your words. But........

She could not comprehend 1/16th of that message today.

All she would read is, " Blah Blah Mean Blah Controlling, blah blah self righteous Blah blah high horse blah blah."

You can't educate a wayward. Trying is a big love buster.

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