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I love it.
I just got a mental image of state troopers blocking all roads into Utah-- on the lookout for BS driving a woodchipper down the road.


Hey, I am not kidding. It was a couple weeks after the divorce was final and we met at a bank to make to do notary paper crap for some investment accounts. She was real cranky because I was taking DD to California (to the MB Fruits and Nuts gathering) and well�..she�s always real cranky. She thought we were flying but I told her we were driving.

She broke into her classic clenched teeth hissing delivery, �You�..Will�.Not�..Take�.Her�.To�..Utah�.� rotflmao

Yes my lovely ex, whatever you say.

On the trip when we got to Grand Junction and stopped for gas DD (then 18) took the keys from me and jumped in the driver seat. When I asked why DD said, �Your not supposed to bring me to Utah dad, remember?� Oh boy did we laugh.

I love that kid.

Testosterone boys! Testosterone! It aint just for nose, ear and back hair anymore!