Good morning Gurka!

I still want to send my email. I can't believe how childish she's acting, taking no responsibility for her actions, and presumably telling other people that none of it is her fault.

Like I said last night, your last e-mail was 100% correct. You've laid out what your intentions are, and you done a good job of descrbing your WW's actions to date.

Please don't send it. It might make you feel better, but it will NOT have the desired effect. It would be easier for you to teach a monkey to talk than it would be to get your WW to see where her actions are wrong and hurtful.

Yep, your WW is acting very Jr. High-ish... her last e-mails to you could have easily come from a 14 year old girl throwing a temper tantrum! You're in control here and you can't educate a child when she's throwing a temper tantrum.

I suspect that the "others" realize that you aren't nearly as bad as she's making you out to be... and her family (SIL, MIL, etc) can see by your actions that something isn't matching up with your WW's words. Again, your WW is acting like child and I'm sure that her parents and siblings recognize this behavior.

Don't try to educate her... write all of the e-mails that you want and post them here. You can vent to us all day long! Venting your frustrations to your WW will just push her further away, and you'll fall into the patter that she wants for you. She wants to make you out to be the bad guy here, so she has to engage in little e-mail wars in order to justify her past actions. Don't fall for this!

Hope you have a great day today...

Semper Fi,