And she pretty much just blew off my chatty email and focused in on me not having her affair phone number.

Actually, she didn't blow off your chatty e-mail... you knew that she wasn't going to respond directly to what you wrote... you knew in advance that she would use your e-mail as an excuse to send more cr*p your way... which she did!

Remember, when you send her an e-mail, don't get sucked into expecting a "certain" reply, or you'll just set yourself up for a big dissapointment. Your chatty e-mails are only meant to keep her communicating with you, an it's working! How many e-mails have you gotten since yesterday?

Oh, and I'll say it again, don't worry about what she says about OM's W... I think that your WW is really out there to even suggest that OM's W would "team up" with WW in order to "show how crazy" you are with your "false" allegations... This is just more drivel that you're wife is throwing out to you and hoping that it will cause you to start doubting yourself.

Semper Fi,