She replied:
U don't have my 520 number, that lovely one that u mad up and gave to my cdr doesn't exist
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I would have said, "I must've been mistaken, can I have your number so we can stay in touch in a more convenient way for you?"

She replied:
Ah yes, she's a nice lady, and she was helping to discredit u all along, since she doesn't appreciate u slandering her husband

You're right, she is a nice lady! I appreciate her help in trying to save our marriage.

She also wrote:
And yeah, since u clearly don't nderstand when u are not wanted, my family will be good at making it clear to u if u try to approach them when u get back. They are not little pawns in this ridiculous game that u are turning our lives into

You're right, but your family has been so nice and gracious to me, it's just impossible for me to not contact them.

I'm not the best at reverse fogbabble but I know you're supposed to take what they say, agree with them in some way and stick in a jab about your marriage without being too obvious.

Next time don't get in a pissing war with her. You've gotten great advice already. You're doing great! I aspire to do as good as you've done!

Me 31
Him 26
Married 11/30/04


In a big ol mess...