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Read it again. How much longer should I expect her to keep acting like this? Because she seems worse now than right at "d day."

It depends. How much longer are you going to be responding to her emails and stoking the fire?

From my experience WS's just go off on you for 2-3 weeks after exposure. Maybe since she didn't get a chance to unload on you then, the timline will be extended. Also, when new consequences arise from exposure (i.e. results of the investigation), it can be like exposure started all over again.

OR if you WS has a personality disorder, she may always be this way to you, refusing to accept blame in her mind and convincing herself SHE is the victim in all of this.

Just calm down and relax. Either you will recover your marriage or you will discover you dodged a bullet by getting out early before having any children with a spouse with a personality disorder that you would have always had problems with.


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