She'll have divorced me by the time 6 months pass.

Hey Gurka - Maybe... but then again, maybe not.

Like you told us earlier, you want to try... It's still your decision. We're just trying to let you know that it's a long, hard, painful process... as you are finding out. But the bottom line is that the decision is still yours.

I think that there is still a good chance that your WW will pull her head out of her 4th point of contact and re-engage with you in rebuilding. If she does decide to start working with you then all of your efforts to date will definitely have been worth it. If se doesn't decide to start working with you, then allof your efforts to date will definitely have been worth it as well!

Negative thoughts will lead you to start making negative decisions... If you really want to give this a go, then please try to not focus on these negative thoughts.

Notice that I didn't say "don't" have any negative thoughts... it's perfectly normal to feel that there isn't a chance to rebuild, especially when your WW continues to spew venom in your face.

We've seen many situations here that were much worse and the couples were able to rebuild. You're working a sound plan and it's working. It's not working as quickly as you'd like, but it IS working. Try to be patient and not focus on what your WW e-mails you.

Semper Fi,