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She'll have divorced me by the time 6 months pass. Even if I were in the states now, we would be living apart by necessity. I can't be with her every day unless she chooses to come to Fort Polk. I don't see that happening. Like you said, you spent every day with your WW for 6 months before she recommitted to the marriage. It's impossible for me to do so.

[/pity party]

You have no idea what she'll do once she gets through withdrawal. Just because it took my WW 6 months to commit to the marriage, it doesn't mean I didn't see some signs of her leaning towards staying in the marriage. Her love bank just wasn't full enough to make that decision, but I kept making deposits. You have OM out of the picture. Now your goal is to start making deposits without making any withdrawals. That is why it is so important NOT to get into those back and forth lovebusting emails. Your marriage is safe for now while you are oversees. Why not just wait for her to get through withdrawal while you continue to deposit love units and avoid all LBs and relationship talk until you get back, no matter how much she baits you? What's that going to hurt? Just stay disciplined and stick to the plan.

Just calm down. Even if you marriage will work out, you won't see any results for a while, so don't shoot yourself in the meantime being impatient. Have a good night.


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