I'm not depressed, I'm fine, really.

Hey Gurka,

I know how you feel... been there done that after a bad one, and you're right, you've got to get back in the saddle and keep moving forward!

Which is what you need to do with your Plan-A. Get right back in the saddle and keep engaging your WW.

We told you many times not to expect any major changes or shifts after the A ends... and it appears that things are going forward. It's not happening at the pace that you'd like, but it IS moving forward.

Don't worry that it's been a couple of days since she e-mailed you. That may be partly because of the "relationship" e-mails that you sent, but give her a few days and she will most likely start thinking of some other nasty things to say to you and you'll get another spat of e-mails... This time, don't waste any efforts in trying to "educate her" or "tell her like it is"... Babble back to her or just ignor her e-mails all together.

You're doing great. This isn't easy stuff, and after dealing with what happened today, this "affair" stuff is pretty mild.

Again, talk with your buddies... don't let this stuff build up inside you.

Semper Fi,